4 Things Every College Student Should Know

1.) It’s okay to be uncertain.

You might not know what you’re majoring in right away, or you might enter in with an idea of what you want to do and then change your mind. That’s OKAY! I wasted way too much time over-thinking my major/minor, wondering if I was making the best choice. Being thoughtful is a good thing, but there’s also such a thing as ‘analysis paralysis’! Pray, seek counsel, consider your talents and strengths, pick a path in which you believe you’ll be able to honor God and earn an honest living, and stick with it! But until then, don’t let the details freak you out. Take your time, knock out your core studies at a community college (which saves tons of $$$ anyways), and you’ll settle on a degree path you feel confident in.  There’s no ‘cookie cutter’ model here- everyone is different, please don’t compare your major with anyone else! Comparison will do nothing but steal away your joy and rob you of your confidence.

2.) It’s worth it to invest deeply in the relationships that matter.

Commitments abound, you’re going to be pulled in a million directions, and it’s NOT possible to be EVERYONE’s best friend.  If you try, you’ll utterly exhaust and frustrate yourself. Even Jesus himself couldn’t be everyone’s best friend while he was here on earth! He showed love and kindness to the crowds, enjoyed close-knit friendships with his 12 disciples, and cultivated his deepest relationships with the three (Peter, James, and John).  You’ll encounter hundreds of people, and I hope that you’ll be a ray of light and kindness to as many people as you can, but it is SO worth your time to deeply invest in your family and a few close friends. These are relationships that will last far beyond graduation day!

3.) Experience > GPA

PLEASE don’t lose sleep over making straight A’s!!!! (unless you’re going into med school. Then you just need to get used to not sleeping anyways. 😉 )  Do your best to use your GPA to demonstrate your diligence and hard work, but do NOT make the mistake of thinking that your 4.0 will matter to your employer. After I graduated, I interviewed with almost a dozen prospective employers, and NOT A SINGLE ONE asked me for my GPA. ALL of them, however, DID ask what types of experiences I’d had in the field. Internships? Job-shadowing? Study abroad? Community service?
My internships landed me an awesome job! My 3.9 GPA did nothing but give me a pretty yellow cord to wear around my neck on graduation day.

4.) These college years will go by SO much faster than you realize.

Breathe. Don’t wish these days away, however stressful and difficult it will be at times.

Someday soon you’ll laugh about that crazy all-nighter you pulled cramming for that test.
Someday soon you’ll wish you hadn’t sweated the small stuff so much, and you’ll realize that in the grand scheme of life, it’s ALL ‘small stuff’.
Someday, sooner than you think, you’ll look back and realize that those 4 years were like a flash of bright and beautiful chaos, and that-like fireworks- they disappeared into the night sky before you had the chance to realize how special of a time that truly was.
Cherish the simple moments, seize the chance to be a part of a cause that is greater than yourself, and don’t worry too much about ‘leaving your mark’; the Lord will certainly leave His mark on that campus through you if you let Him.


December 2014, My parents/Fan Club

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