Making Music and Memories

Sometimes I’m in the mood for lifestyle articles or commentaries, and other times I’m in the mood for stories.  Today is a story-telling kind of day. So, here we go. 🙂

I first heard Jenny & Tyler’s music in 2011, and absolutely fell in love with their style and lyrical talent.  I always wanted to go to one of their concerts, but whenever they were in town it always seemed like there was something that came up to prevent me from going to see them; work, prior commitments, sickness, you name it! The last time I had a ticket to one of their shows in 2013, I came down with a nasty lung infection and the flu, rendering me bedridden and feeling very sorry for myself.
(I’m imagining some melancholy violin music playing in the background right now. Yep, it was that pathetic.) But the story doesn’t end there!
That same night, a friend of mine drove two hours to the concert, picked up a CD, t-shirt, and a get-well-soon card signed by Jenny & Tyler. He returned from the concert, and left all those lovely gifts on my front porch along with a massive bouquet of flowers.  This amazing kindness was unexpected and VERY undeserved, especially since I had just rejected him and broke his heart a few weeks earlier when he asked me to be his girlfriend. At the time, I had no idea that this sweet young man would eventually propose to me on that same porch only a couple of years later.  Lots of other crazy things happened during that time, but that’s another roller-coaster of a story for another day! (But in the meantime, please just remember that nice guys don’t always finish last. They are simply running a much better race.)

Fast forward to last week: I was finally on my way to go see one of my favorite musical duos- Jenny & Tyler- play a live backyard concert! A few external factors threatened the evening festivities, but I was determined to push through all of them.  I had work obligations, but my sweet co-workers were covering for me. I was still recovering from being sick, but I had an ample supply of cough syrup that I was transporting in a super sketchy brown bag. (Super classy, right?)  I left my memory cards for my DSLR camera back at the house, but I still had my cell phone to take a picture with the band afterwards. (It was probably better that I was experiencing the moment firsthand instead of viewing it through a lens the whole night, anyways!)


Not all the factors were “perfect”, but it ended up being the perfect night.

Only seven months ago, we danced our first dance as a married couple to their song “As Long as Our Hearts Are Beating”.  That dance is one of my most cherished memories. The song we chose was a song that meant so much to both of us- we had had practiced our harmonies and sang it together so many times.  And that night, as we were hanging out and eating cookies with Jenny & Tyler before the show, we had the great joy of listening to them cover our first dance song for us (at Kevin’s special request)!  
Dream come true. Time to check that off the bucket list.

Thank you, Lord, for music that brings You glory and draws people closer together.
And thank you, Jenny & Tyler, for sharing your gift with us and giving us one more memory to add to our already-wonderful collection of beautiful moments!


(Our first dance, singing along with “As Long as Our Hearts Are Beating” by Jenny & Tyler)

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