Trail Blazers

Enchanted Rock, TX

Sometimes, I just don’t cut myself enough slack.
If comparison is the thief of joy, I’ve been robbed blind!

I think of all the amazing scripture studies and spiritual blogs that some of my friends are deeply invested in creating, and then I feel incredible guilt for going days without touching my bible.

I see Pinterest boards full of young wives cooking gourmet meals for their husbands every day of the week, and then inwardly beat myself up for serving Kevin soup and a sandwich for dinner that night.

I notice the incredible organizational skills of people on Facebook who post about their color-coded filing systems and new labeled closet shelving units, and then I peek into our cluttered office area and wonder if the ‘work-in-progress’ will ever look picture-perfect.

I admire perfectly crafted hand-made gifts on Instagram and wonder why my own DIY craft turned out to be a total flop.

Hold up. Rewind.

Since when does it make sense that I need to be an instant expert in everything?

I’ve never been a wife before– so it’s ok that I’m still learning how to be a good one.
I’ve never blogged before– so it’s ok that my site looks a little crude because I’m a newbie and I’m having FUN with it!
I’ve never been an amazing chef before– so it’s ok if I burn a few meals and serve up a few last-minute sandwiches along the way.
The list goes on, and on.

Maybe you can relate?

Consider this:

Wherever you are, right now in this moment, it’s new territory. You’re blazing a new trail.

You’ve never been this exact age before.

You’ve never been in this exact phase of life before.

In the past, you’ve likely never had the exact same unique set of challenges you face now.

There’s never been an “April 18th, 2016” before (or, fill in the blank of whatever day it is when you read this in the future), and this day will never happen again in all of time.

So, if you’re stumbling around a little bit, it’s ok.

If you’re uncertain of yourself, that’s ok too- keep trying.
Sometimes confidence inspires action, but more often it’s actually taking action (in the face of challenges) that will inspire your confidence.

If you’re feeling inadequate when you measure yourself against the nearly-impossible standards on social media, turn off your computer/phone and go do something small to show love to someone else.  (Serving others is an amazing way to derail the train of thought that says “you’re not enough”!)  A little bit of kindness goes a LONG way in helping others while getting our perspectives back where they should be.

You are more than the sum of your most awkward, difficult moments.

Life is changing constantly, and we’re always shifting into new places and new seasons.

You’ve never been exactly where you are now.
Today might be a tough day, and that’s ok.
Please give yourself some grace to figure it out. I’ll try to do the same.






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